Najib Gedal Architects has experience in a range of commercial ventures providing solutions that are harmonious with their surroundings. When the brief calls for a focus on the interior we ensure that the same principles are applied, creating eye catching and contemporary spaces that are usable and memorable.


Over time Najib Gedal Architects has gained particular expertise in mosque design, generating an ability to create community, teaching and religious space within a single building. We have experience in purpose built mosques incorporating our extensive knowledge of geometry, culture and history to create contemporary religious structures.


We have a strong background in interior design. Placing particular emphasis on using architectural discipline within the interior space creating visually striking solutions that are comfortable to inhabit and use. We have an understanding of the many elements and layers, such as lighting, colour and texture that are involved in the design of an interior space.


Najib Gedal Architects is able to provide a personal service to create a clients ‘dream house’ combining our knowledge of geometry, spatial planning and design with the clients ideals. We have particular expertise in the ‘villa’ and have designed a number of houses internationally.

Our clients